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Learning how to draw, paint, ink, and shade like a professional comic book artist has never been easier thanks to the Virtual Classroom from Inkpulp Instruction. Work side by side (virtually) with some of the most renowned Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, and Oni Press comic book artists and experience their process firsthand.

Art Critiques from published comic book industry pros
Live video sessions working alongside comic book industry veterans
Prerecorded videos with step by step instructions on art techniques
Online network of aspiring comic artists & established art educators
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Enter the Virtual Classroom

Inkpulp Instruction’s virtual classroom provides you direct access to Shawn Crystal, a professional comic book artist for publishers like Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, and Oni Press, as well as his friends and peers also active in the industry. Membership to the virtual classroom provides you with at least 14 new episodes of instructional comic book art lessons per year. With the virtual classroom, you’re getting an interactive online art education with art challenges, art critiques, live lessons, and a budding online community of new and veteran comic book artists, fans, and enthusiasts. Take your hobby, and love for the comic book industry and put it to use with the Virtual Classroom from Inkpulp Instruction.

Join the Class  |  $49.99/mo.

Master These Techniques

Along with the entire library of Inkpulp Instructional videos, as well as live sessions and more, our Comic book art master class allows you to master the following techniques.

Comic Book Storytelling

What are the comic books we love without incredible storytelling? You’ll learn everything there is to know about comic book storytelling with our master class. 

Figure Drawing

Some of the most memorable comic book panels include incredible examples of figure drawing. Our experienced artists are ready to give you the run-down on comic book figure drawing. 

Perspective Drawing

Understanding how to draw in perspective is key to awesome comic book scenes. Get the basics of perspective drawing with the foundational perspective course from Inkpulp Instruction.

Composition & Design

Comic books are art, so just like any other kind of drawing or painting, composition and design are critical. We’ll give you the information you need to properly compose and design a comic. 

Traditional & Digital Painting

What are the comic books we know without rich, captivating colors? Paint makes comic book art pop, and the painting technique course shows you how it’s done in both traditional and digital formats. 

Traditional & Digital Inking

Great comic book art starts with lines of ink. Learn about the groundwork, as well as advanced techniques for inking traditionally and digitally alike for comic book art with the foundational inking course.

Live Classroom Sessions

During Inkpulp Instruction’s Live Classroom Sessions, you’ll have direct access to Shawn, as well as his guests to learn more about comic book art and ask questions as the instructors cover the topic of the day. Students will work alongside instructors to create comic book art while learning from some of the best in the business. Get in the action and learn in a hands-on fashion with Inkpulp’s live classroom sessions.

Video Lesson Library

The Classroom subscription allows you to have direct access to all INKPULP Instruction classes hosted by Shawn Crystal, allowing you to rewatch and pause to master desired techniques in your own artwork.

Join The Classroom, Join An Active Community Of Comic Book Artists.

Artists of any skill level are welcome to join the discussion!

Join the Class  |  $49.99/mo.
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Shawn Crystal is a passionate comic book artist and art educator. With a portfolio of working for the world’s top comic book publishers like Marvel and DC, he is ready to help comic book enthusiasts turn their hobby into a career. Shawn has worked on some of the biggest titles in the industry, including Batman, Deadpool, X-Men, Scarlet Witch, and much more. When he’s not teaching others how to do art for comic books, he’s the host of one of the comic book industry’s most popular podcasts: The Inkpulp Podcast. Shawn has experience teaching at The Savannah College of Art and Design, where he spearheaded and established their comic book art program. Learn from a real industry veteran in Shawn Crystal with the Virtual Classroom from Inkpulp Instruction.

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Join the Class  |  $49.99/mo.
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